Encouraging Clicks: Your Ultimate How-To Masterclass

An Ethical Guide to Encouraging Action Without Alienating Users

Every website seeks to encourage visitors to do something, whether it is place an order, make a donation or signup to a mailing list. But how do you do that without alienating users? After all, we now live in a world where one disgruntled customer can destroy a brand. This video masterclass will teach you the secret.

The preorder price of $225 is only available before launch in mid-August.
The final price will be $325.

Is this course for me?

If you demand conversion at all costs or quick wins, then this course is not for you. But if you are looking to build long-term, highly performing websites, then you are in the right place.

UI Designer

Entrepreneur or Product Managers


Maybe you are a UI Designer attempting to create more compelling interfaces. Perhaps you a Marketer trying to encourage more sign ups. Or possibly you are an Ecommerce Manager or Entrepreneur hoping to increase online orders.

Whatever the case this masterclass will provide you with the practical advice to improve the conversion rate in an ethical and sustainable way.

What will I learn?

In this masterclass, User Experience Consultant Paul Boag will teach you the conversion boosting secrets he has shared with companies such as Sony, Nestle and L'Oréal. Secrets that are applicable whatever the size of your business. By the end of this 30+ lesson video course you will:

Understand decision making

Run better user research

Combat cognitive load

Persuade without alienating

Create better calls to action

Have a program of site improvement

  • Have a much deeper understanding of how people make decisions and convert online.
  • Be equipped with the methodologies required to discover what motivates your specific users.
  • Understand the role of cognitive load on conversion and how to use that to your advantage.
  • How to persuade people without resorting to alienating and manipulative techniques.
  • Have the secrets to creating compelling calls to action.
  • Be ready to put in place processes for continual improvement of your conversion rate for years to come.

In short, you will be perfectly equipped to start improving your conversion rate immediately.

Class Curriculum

Introducing Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Coming Soon
    An introduction to Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Coming Soon
    Deciding on your metrics
  • Coming Soon
    Driving quality traffic
Understanding How Your Users Think
  • Coming Soon
    How the brain works
  • Coming Soon
    How users make decisions
  • Coming Soon
    Keeping your users in mind
  • Coming Soon
    Understanding your audience's needs
  • Coming Soon
    Carrying out user research
Designing to Reduce Cognitive Load and Why That Matters
  • Coming Soon
    What is cognitive load and why it matters
  • Coming Soon
    Introducing simplicity to your site
  • Coming Soon
    Working with the users mental model
  • Coming Soon
    Avoiding choice paralysis
  • Coming Soon
    How to make things feel easier
How to Persuade Without Alienating
  • Coming Soon
    The dangers of persuasion
  • Coming Soon
    The under appreciated role of appreciation
  • Coming Soon
    Encouraging a positive mindset
  • Coming Soon
    Reducing risk
  • Coming Soon
    The power of social proof
  • Coming Soon
    Building trust
  • Coming Soon
    Building a tribe
Creating Compelling Calls to Action
  • Coming Soon
    Preparing for the call to action
  • Coming Soon
    Picking your moment to ask
  • Coming Soon
    Design for maximum visibility
  • Coming Soon
    Writing compelling calls to action
  • Coming Soon
    Consider the post-click experience
Optimising and Evolving Your Conversion Rate
  • Coming Soon
    The case for continual optimisation
  • Coming Soon
    Building an evolutionary process
  • Coming Soon
    Integrating usability testing into operations
  • Coming Soon
    Running usability testing
  • Coming Soon
    How to introduce multivariate testing
Bringing It All Together
  • Coming Soon
    Conclusions and next steps

Your Instructor

Paul Boag
Paul Boag

Paul Boag is a user experience consultant, author and speaker. He helps organisations as diverse as Sony, Doctors Without Borders, Nestle and Oxford University enhance their user experience and improve their conversion. Paul has written five books and speaks around the world. He is also a passionate and well-respected advocate for digital best practice via workshops, blogging and his award-winning podcast.

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What is included?

Sign up for this masterclass and you will get:

  • Unlimited access to all 30 videos in the masterclass. That is approximately five hours of valuable insights.
  • The ability to stream or download all video lessons across almost any device.
  • Access to complete transcripts of all lessons.
  • The ability to download slides and the rights to reuse those slides. (Available in PDF, Keynote and Powerpoint Formats).
  • An optional quiz for each class to ensure you remember key lessons.

"I’ve never taken home so much knowledge from a course before. Paul was an excellent trainer, full of knowledge and keen to learn about my business so as to make the session as useful as possible. Highly recommended."

- Alex Summer, John Greed Jewellery

Risk-Free and Worth Every Cent

Is this class worth the money? It is a fair question and results will vary. When Paul applied these principles to the Wiltshire Farm Food's website, he increased their conversion rate by 100x over five years.

However, take a moment to ask yourself what would happen if this masterclass was able to improve your conversion rate even slightly. How much would that be worth to your business over a year? Would that cover the cost of the course? If the answer is yes, then the course must be worth the money.

If you are unsure, then remember that Paul is offering a 30-day unconditional return policy. Just email him, and he will refund your money, no questions asked. With that kind of guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

"Paul is one of the smartest, most passionate, most generous people I know in the web / online industry. He is truly committed to helping organizations become simpler and more customer-centric."

- Gerry McGovern, Author of Transform

The preorder price of $225 is only available before launch in mid-August.
The final price will be $325.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?
Then you will get your money back. It is that simple. Just contact Paul within 30 days of purchase and he will give you a full refund. That means there is zero risk to buying this course and starting to improve your conversion rate.
What will you teach me I cannot get free online?
Nothing. The web is a great place, it has all the answers. But finding those answers can be tough. Paul's masterclass brings together all of those techniques and secrets into one comprehensive masterclass. That will save you time and effort hunting for the answers online.
Why would I buy this course over similar ones?
The answer is simple, it is Paul's experience. Paul has been working on conversion optimisation for 23 years and taught hundreds of hours on the subject. He is a well-respected figure in the user experience community, a non-executive director of Smashing Magazine, author and international speaker. You cannot find somebody better placed to teach a true masterclass on this subject.
When will the course be released?
The course will be available from mid-August 2018. The exact date will be announced closer to the time via email.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How do I watch the lessons?
You can watch the videos online using pretty much any device or if you prefer to, download them for offline viewing. It's your choice.
Do you offer a student discount?
Absolutely! Send Paul an email ( with some proof that you are a student - such as an ID, acceptance letter, or student email address - and he will send you a discount code. This applies to anyone in any type of schooling, including evening classes.
Do you offer a discount for charities?
We certainly do! After all, we will want to encourage charitable giving! Send Paul an email ( from your charity website domain name and he will send you a discount code.
I have another question!
No problem, just drop Paul an email at